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Super You

Dressing up in costumes is not just for Halloween anymore. If you’re a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, or a friend of someone with children, then you know that playing dress-up is part of a child’s everyday life. After all, how many times have you seen Spider Man, a Power Ranger, or a princess run across the room?

Now you’ll be seeing little Super You heroes join in the fun, too!

As a certified educator and parent, I know that allowing children to create their own costumes reinforces creativity—and it gives their self-confidence a boost, too. At Super You, we not only encourage children to use their imagination through play, we encourage them to be inventive by creating their very own Super You costumes and identities.

How the Super You Fun Begins...

The fun starts when you go to the Super You website. After you place your costume order, the Super Secret Briefcase comes to your front door. When your child opens that briefcase, their Super dreams will come to life. Inside the case will be a Super Club certificate printed with your child’s name, and of course, the costume they created just for them.

"Go check out Super You, where your child can create their own costume and super hero identity, which are then sent to them in a super cool package! It seems like an idea that is just about to take off..."

- Charlie Parry and Chris Keenan of Parry Game Preserve Reporting from Toy Fair 2008

"This is a stupendous idea! This is one of the best ideas I've seen on this show!  It plays into everything we want for our kids; which is empowerment, which is individualism. It flies in the face of traditional commercialism. It's fun . . . I love this thing!

- Donny Deutsch

The Super You Story

The idea of Super You was born in December of 2005. I was home with my three children: Michael, 5 years old, Jack, 3, and Maeve, 1. They were playing their usual game of superhero dress-up. One by one, they geared up in their favorite costumes. But when it was Michael’s turn to change into his favorite superhero, there was a problem. He had grown out of his costume. It was time for a new one.

I suggested that Michael sit down and draw his own idea of a superhero costume. What did he want it to look like? He returned a few minutes later with a big smile and three different variations of costume combinations and identities.

At that moment Super You was born.

What could be better for a child’s self-confidence and creativity than to be able to create their own superhero costume? By creating Super You, I hope to teach children that being Super is whatever they want it to be—and that being Super comes from within.

Marijane Voltz
President, Super You

Character Biographies

Hello, My Name is Grace.
I am three years old and the youngest member of the Super You team. My favorite hobbies are putting puzzles together and going to ballet class, (some people say that I dance with grace). Most of all, I love being a Super!

Hi There! My Name is Theodore, My friends Call Me Theo.
I am five years old and my favorite thing to do is go to karate class, (I have my blue belt right now). I also like to play with all of my friends at after school. Wouldn't it be great If you became a Super You?

Hey There, My Name is Parker.
I am In the first grade and I am seven years old. I love sports, mostly basketball and soccer. I also enjoy reading and writing, especially when it's about the great experiences I have with my Super You friends. I would really like it if you became a part of our Super You team.

Hello, My Name is Madison.
I am eleven years old and I love math and science. In school, I am a part of the science club where we get to experiment and investigate with new and interesting things every day. When I get together with my Super You friends, I like to tell them about all of the wonderful discoveries that the science club and I have made.

Hi, My Name is Jose.
I am nine years old and I am proud of my courage and my strength. My family moved to the United States two years ago. I had to start all over, meeting new friends and speaking a new language. This could have been hard, but I remembered to just be myself and everything would be o.k. I soon met my Super You friends and found that being Super really does come from within. When I am not with my friends, I enjoy playing my guitar.